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The year is 1991, two years previous, when I was a member of Justice League Europe the most important event in my life occurred. It was called the Teasdale Imperative. We faced a being known as the Gray Man, a being of great magical power. We were nearly defeated. I was the only one left standing and it was only by luck that I managed to take him down. Kryptonians aren’t the best for dealing with magical beings, especially ones as powerful as he. By the end of the battle the Gray Man was over two hundred feet tall and could have easily beaten just me with a lucky shot. His whole body was magic and I had to be very careful how I came in contact with it. It took a long time, but eventually I landed enough smacks to render him unconscious. He immediately returned to his normal size and all his power left his body, moving to the next closest host, me.

After, I found that most of my abilities at least doubled in range and power to the point where some couldn’t even be measured.  I found that I no longer needed a team like the JLE, often they just got in the way. There wasn’t much I couldn’t handle myself.



It was during the Apokolips wars that I was stationed with Mr. Miracle and Barda. Our mission was to infiltrate Granny Goodness’ fortress and steal the plan for her and Darksied’s next assault. Scott had the tricky part of actually doing the infiltration while Barda and I created some major damage to their units in hopes of creating a distraction. With the aid of Barda’s Boom Tube we could make a quick escape once Scott returned with the information.

With full confidence in Mr. Miracle we were poised to make our attack some forty-five minutes later. By that time he should have the plans and need assistance. It was a smart teaming Barda and I. We were both super strong, confident women and my appearance here on Apokolips should was a total surprise. I didn’t bother with my usual caped costume, this was going to be a full on scrap fight with little flying involved. I instead when with my old JLE white and gold suit. I hadn’t worn it in years and I had bulked up an awful lot since then. The material was a metal alloy that would eventually stretch to accommodate my new body. But at the moment it was screeching in pain whenever I did strenuous.


For about thirty minutes Barda and I chatted. It was something that we rarely did any I don’t know why. In many ways our personalities are so much alike. At one point she mocked that despite her height I, not her should be the one called Big. Big Powergirl? I think not. Then the alarms sounded. Security was worse than Scott had anticipated. He had to act fast. Our camp was a quarter mile away near a huge outcropping of destroyed vehicles and military equipment. I quickly grabbed the heaviest broken transport and hurled it at Granny fortress. With super-strength you get really good at your throwing accuracy, and a 500 tonne transport slammed against her force fielded wall and landed in a flattened heap. Before I could grab another Barda had her first in flight as well. She was one tough woman but not nearly as powerful as I. Though It didn’t matter here, none of the objects here could test our strength in the slightest. After the tenth heap of metal crashed into the force field it began to waver and phase two would begin.

Within moments dozens of jet-packed troops converged on our position. Barda muttered something about the colour of their armor as being peculiar and that they were men not women. Before they made it to us we managed to swat quite a few from the sky, hurling whatever heavy objects that was near. The remaining opened up their laser rifles on us.They were not heavy laser and to me it was like getting whipped with a piece spaghetti noodles. As long as it didn’t get me in the eyes I’d be fine. Barda had her armor so she could handle it too.

Barda and I charged separate groups of them, I just grabbed as many of them as as I could and squeezed them together damaging their rifles, making them totally powerless against us and suffocating a few of the ones in the middle. More and more came out of the fortress and I noticed quite a few were coming directly down. As I looked up I heard Barda yell “Darksied’s troops!” And then I saw it. A rather large ship above us with troops pouring out. In the open door of the ship, Darksied himself, with a smile on his face and his arms behind his back staring like a general in a battle he was about to win. He was such a recluse. Why would he bother with us. Maybe whatever Scott had stolen might be worth it.
Coincidence or not he was here and that was not good. The Troops we could handle, Darksied not so much. He could easily move around over 5 million tonnes, not to mention his other ability like the Omega Beams. In the distance I heard the whirring of Mr. Miracles suspensor disks and Scott yelling “Whoo-hooo!” It was obvious that he had the plans but was unaware of the big piece that had entered the chess board.  

Barda pulled out he baton and quickly produced the Boom Tube. Not missing a beat Scott soared in and we both made a leap for it. Scott and Barda were lucky, me not so much. In mid-flight Darksied must have jumped out of the doorway directly on to me. With great force I went down a foot into the ground sending debris everywhere. As I attempted to get up he still had his boot on my back, and I knew another blow was imminent. Instead of standing I quickly rolled from under his foot narrowly missing a huge fist which shattered the ground. Halfway up, I brought a firm knee up into his chin. As his face turned towards me I got in a few powerful smacks, seemingly more powerful than he expected. His eyes were terrifying. The annihilating gaze from him was coming but Barda intercedes attempting to choke him from behind. Darksied’s beams now miss entirely, blasting aimlessly into the sky. Kara knew this wasn’t going to work and now she had to get Barda out of here as well as herself.

His ship! We can’t escape in it but I’ll hurt him with it. Jumping skyward I tear into the hull with my hands and force the enormous ship careening towards at great speed. “Barda move!” I yell, neither one of them aware of thousands of tonnes headed their way. She seemed hurt but quickly dodges. Darksied on the other hand had nowhere to go. The ship crashed with such force that sections exploded on impact. I had bought us some time.

In the distance I saw Barda limping and opening another Boom Tube. Time to get out of here. I quickly leaped to her position, but the flaming body of Darksied appeared blocking it. He caught me neck first and placed an over sized fist in my stomach. It took all my will not to immediately throw up. Barda distracted him with some beams from her baton, enough to give me a few seconds to recover. Still starry eyed I made a mad scramble towards the tube. As Barda entered, I heard that sound, suddenly. The sound of the Darksied’s Omega beams. I’ve never felt those before and I don’t know if I could withstand them. Would I be incinerated on the spot or transported back to his lair to be forever tortured. I had to go faster.  

As I passed through the tube, the beams hit and did something strange to it. Spine straightening sounds and neon lightning crashes surrounded me. Maybe it would have been better if the beams hit me, instead they hit the tube. Moments later the tube fluctuated and I spiraled out into some kind of sub space. The last thing I remember was someone passing by, in the opposite direction. It looked like me.  


I returned to consciousness on an empty dark, stormy world. I felt horrible. My body seemed so heavy. Getting up my back suffered with weight of my boobs. “Jeese, these things are heavy” I muttered cupping them using my hands to help lift them. Either I’ve aged a hundred years or the gravity here is ridiculous.

Suddenly two dozen figures raised from the ground, in a circle around me. The had no feature and almost looked like they were made of blueish grey logo bricks. As they moved in on me they all made some kind of praying hands motion with their hands.

“Um, hello? I’m not a god…. Do you understand English. When they got real close the began taking swings at me. Luckily they were incredibly slow. I dodged a few of their swings but eventually I had to retaliate. The first punch I landed exploded the golems head into a million pieces. At the same time two others hit me and their fists shattered with their bodies following seconds later. </p>

“OK, I don’t even have to fight you. You guys will kill yourselves. I’m fine with that.” I merely stood there, firmed up my body, hands on my hips and let them destroy themselves. And one after another, that is exactly what they did.  



About another hour passed and I was getting used to moving in this gravity. Don’t get me wrong, it was still terrible. Maybe this planet had a Kryptonite core? No, it have to be the gravity. Like Krypton’s only stronger.

I had to find some source of food and water here. If I can do that then at least I can try to survive. Hopefully any other animals here I meet here are not made of legos. Way off in the distance I could see a raging fire and my super hearing detected a large roaring sound. It was far away and I can fly in this gravity. So I began a slow trek. I’ve been reduced to a regular earthing. Man, this is really hard.

About halfway there I heard a slight rumbling and ten figures, similar to before rose out of the ground. This time there were half as many and they were much smoother. Much quicker this time they came at me, still with their hands in a praying position. I let the first one hit me and that would be the last I’d let do that intentionally. It hurt, a lot.
I opened up my heat vision and destroyed about half but not easily. It took about three to five seconds each. I’d have to deal with the rest in person.

Catching the swinging one, I grabbed it’s wrist and pulled it’s face into my fist. A second got my knee to its face and a third got both it’s arms torn off. Only two left. They both ran from opposite directions. I ran towards one and body checked him into tiny pieces and turned to the last. As it dived head first into my forehead and shattered like an old windshield.

“Ow” I said with my hands on my head. This whole hitting them business was a lot harder on my body this time. If I had to deal with them more I’m going to stick with grappling them. Way easier.

About an hour of walking later I found the source of the fire. It was a star ship or maybe just a landing craft. it was about thirty degrees into the ground. and the engines were still going pretty heavy. And they were annoyingly loud. Climbing up I ripped apart a bunch of cables and soon stopped. In retrospect that might have not been the smartest move. I could have used this ship, if I knew how to fly it. Finding a hatch I fiddled with it’s locking mechanism and accidently pulled the whole door assembly off. So it is the planet and not me. My strength calibration is way out of whack here. Climbing inside I determined that the crew had to be pretty small and at least somewhat humanoid. The setup was pretty typical for a humanoid ship and even had chairs. But it was all too small for me. I pulled apart several storage lockers and found many individually wrapped bricks. I assumed it was their food. Getting hungry I had to give it a try. I unwrapped the bricks and inside were moist rectangles resembling tofu and they tasted like nothing. “Something that tastes like nothing can be bad, right?” I thought. “Plus my Kryptonian physiology make me immune to poison and viruses.”          

Exhausted I took a short nap in the ship.


It was a very short nap. Outside the ship there were banging sounds. waking up I banged my head on the interior of the ship right in the same spot I got jump head butted. Always the way.

Peering out the broken hatch I counted five of the lego aliens, but they looked slightly different again. Not only were they even smoother but in certain areas there was no sign of gaps at all. Those areas were very shiny. One in particular had a highly polished forehead. Were these the exact same ones, getting fewer in number and adapting.  

Re-energized I jumped from the ship and they advanced on me. I needed to divide and conquer these guys, using the ship seemed to make the most sense. Closing the distance on the closest one I caught him mid jump and noticed his back was still the rough material. He was on the receiving end on a huge power-bomb into the side of the ship. Pieces it’s body went off like shrapnel. Alerting the others to my location behind the ship.

The first around the corner I grabbed by it’s rough neck and wrenched with all my might. In a second it shattered to the ground. Unfortunately, two others were on me pounding away with overly shiny fists. They were not really strong but it still hurt.

The first of the two was destroyed by me grabbing its arm and pulling it behind its back and forcing it up. In moments I pulled it hand off and the rest fell to pieces. All the while the other kept wildly pounding on me. It’s entire crotch area was made of rough pieces and it gave me much womanly satisfaction to ram my thigh into him. Even though I’m sure that these beings were not anatomically correct I enjoyed the moment of revenge.

No where was the last two? Running around the ship they were nowhere to be found. Until I noticed too late that they had climbed up on the ship and at this moment they were dropping elbows on me from a high height. They connected and I went down, hard. They wasted no time in trying to keep me down. If they wanted a ground game I could do that. Squirming around I got my legs around one of their heads and my arms around the others head. They both had very smooth, hard heads. But I decided to try. I locked my body and simultaneously applied crushing force to one with head scissors and the other with a modified sleeper hold. My god, my legs looked huge. I had forgotten how  big I have gotten. It was a huge turn on. I could do this. And it only took a few more seconds of squeezing before they both exploded into pieces.

Once it was over I stayed on the ground. How many more times am I going to go through this? That last batch was manageable but they aren’t getting easier. Sure, they are getting fewer but they are getting harder to eliminate.

Heading back to the ship I grabbed as much food as I could carry and headed the opposite direction from which I came. I need to find a better strategic location.

Continued in Part 2...


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Cygnus Sungyc
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Favourite genre of music: Progressive Rock, J-pop, 70's Jazz Fusion
Favourite style of art: Photomainpulation
Operating System: Windows (I don't know why)
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Wallpaper of choice: Vampi/LD
Favourite cartoon character: Lain, Lum, Rei Ayanami
After being in Japan for a while (and neglecting this account) I'm back now and posting new work.
If any of you are interesting in getting some of your ideas turned into art message me and we'll do it up


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